Why should I choose porcelain plates ?

Porcelain plates are very popular because of their many advantages. In fact, next to earthenware and stoneware which are just as good as plates, porcelain wins by being thinner and translucent. But before buying it, here is what you need to understand about the interest of having porcelain dishes.

Aesthetic and practical dishes

Porcelain dishes exude luxury and are perfect for special occasions. Porcelain or ceramic plates, the advantage often lies in the translucent, fluid and homogeneous side of the dishes. Porcelain plates are very refined and considered the most upscale tableware. On the table, this object is also practical to accentuate the look of the decoration. It is indeed made with a glossy finish.

In addition to being a quality plate, the porcelain plate is practical. It remains waterproof and hygienic. To this effect, it becomes almost impossible to alter the taste of one’s meals by using a porcelain plate. On the contrary, the porcelain plate maintains the taste of the dishes and leaves grease and bacteria intact.
Unlike other dishes, the porcelain plate can be put in the microwave and the dishwasher. It is as easy to clean as it is to use.

Economical and durable plates

Porcelain plates are durable because of their composition. Porcelain dishes are made from white clay, chalk, clay, feldspar and quartz.
Thus, its plates are known to be very resistant to shocks and very strong. Therefore, the impact of mechanical and thermal shocks on a porcelain dish is almost nil.

Porcelain plates are also chosen for their ability to last for many years and to serve for daily use. So, whether you use your porcelain dinnerware every day or occasionally, it remains intact and always attractive. However, the porcelain plate comes in a variety of designs to choose from according to taste.