Why a new Toshiba battery?


Nowadays, when you have a laptop, it is very important to have a backup battery. The reasons why you need to have one are: the risk of power cuts, a possible malfunction of your original battery or when you travel in a vehicle, and you need to work. The best thing is to have a battery in exchange to replace it immediately when the original one fails. However, you need to know how to replace it when there is a problem. You can learn more about that by reading this article.

How to replace your Toshiba battery

When you notice that the charge of your battery does not hold for a long time or goes out even after it is at 100%, you should think about changing it. There are several steps to change the battery for laptop netbook. Indeed, like all devices, you have to remove the old one before placing the new one. So, first, you have to turn your Toshiba computer upside down so that the part you are putting in comes up. Then, slide the locking lever from the left to the right before lifting the tab. After this process, remove the battery and replace it with a new one. If the replacement is done, we lock by turning the lever back to the left.

How to protect your Toshiba battery

You need to put your battery in certain conditions for it to have a long life. When it is in the laptop, you should not leave it completely discharged until it goes out. Also, it should reach its maximum load before you unplug it. When your battery is intended to be used as a spare and is therefore out of the computer, it must be kept in a dry place, not hot and not cold. Your Toshiba battery must be charged before storage. Remember to clean it before any use, but also before it is stored.