What are the three types of visual art?

There are many forms of art. As far as visual art is concerned, there are 3 types. Each of them is then composed of sub-genres. Discover them in this article.

The fine arts

Fine art is a style of art that is developed mainly to be aesthetically beautiful. It is part of the Performing Arts. As a collective, they can include seven art forms. However, fine visual art is traditionally limited to three visual arts: painting, sculpture and architecture. However, broader interpretations would expand it to include drawing. The drawings of the masters are considered fine arts in themselves, even if they were precursors to paintings or three-dimensional art forms.

The Decorative Arts

The decorative arts are often overlooked as art forms because they are both functional and beautiful to look at. Its arts can be used interchangeably with crafts. Indeed, decorative arts include objects made for the interior of buildings and interior decoration. However, they do not usually include architecture. Thus, decorative arts can include everyday objects, but which are distinct from mass-produced versions. An object that is handmade by a skilled craftsman can be considered decorative art.

Commercial Art

Commercial art, like decorative art, can be both functional and beautiful. This art form is a creative service created for commercial purposes, such as advertising. Commercial art is used to promote the sale and appeal of services, products and ideas. Brands and companies will commission commercial art to communicate something specific to an audience. They can include graphic design, photography, illustration, animation, printmaking, television, fashion design, visual effects, industrial design, and graphic animation. Commercial art is commonly used in mediums such as magazines, websites, apps, television, store displays and product packaging. It can be sold at high prices and often at auctions and is highly sought after. So, it’s an honourable thing to have.