Travel memories : how to immortalize them ?

That’s it, you’re off to a faraway destination, ready to discover a new culture and experience some great moments. But memory has its limits ! To help you remember your adventures, we will explain how to proceed. Here are our little tips to follow during your stay to come back with many travel memories !

Put together a travel journal

Before you leave, grab a notebook and start planning your vacation. Write down your detailed itinerary, or just a few ideas of sites to visit. But once you get there, will you really follow these directions to the letter or just let the adventure take you ? That’s up to you… read more here

During your journey, you have only one thing to do : let your pen do the work! Tell us about your adventures in detail or accompany them with sketches, your imagination is boundless on the blank page. But it’s by putting your anecdotes and real-life experiences on paper that you bring them to life for years to come.

Get your camera to work

Armed with your phone or professional camera, you can shoot endless fabulous landscapes, bright smiles and moments of pure happiness. Here’s something to remind you of the highlights of your vacation ! 

If you’re more of an artistic type, trade in your smartphone for your film camera, dust it off and go buy some film. The good thing ? Your shots are more thoughtful and remain a mystery until the film is developed! Plus, having to wait to discover the photographs extends the vacation feeling, even after you return!

Collect unique memories

Always dreamed of assembling your own collection of unique items ? Bring one back in your suitcase ! Whether it’s a magnet to adorn your fridge, a mug to transport you far away during your morning coffee, or a stamp to complete your stamp album, each will remind you of a specific moment in your stay. 

Are you looking for an original travel souvenir ? Look to local markets, flea markets and antique shops for rare gems and local crafts. Each destination has its own specialty, from fabrics to paintings to jewelry, the choice is endless and the possibilities endless !