The fastest SEO migration tool: Swan

A poorly referenced site means that at its core, the site’s URLs are misdirected in digital traffic. This gives the site a constant status. Since it is not positioned well, searches to the site to access the service or product become zero. Fortunately, in this article, it is proposed an SEO migration tool that will take care of repositioning the URLs and thus, the site.

Practical operation of the redirect tool

With the new migration tool, redesigning becomes an attractive task. Using the tool makes one more successful in the migration business. Even for a beginner, it is easy to use, better, faster than manual maintenance. Click here to learn more. Indeed, the system starts by processing the site here. It detects through the analysis, the URLs of the site to be optimized, which must correspond with those of the new site in progress. The application then displays all those that are similar, allowing the expert to make a choice. This selection is made according to the proximity rate produced by the migration tool. In addition to the calculation that the algorithm performs, it automatically validates the URLs that it considers similar. This saves time for the professional.

Graphical operation of the SEO redirection tool

In a graph well produced by the system, the expert sees all the URLs to be redirected. Thus, he can choose and connect to each other. The similarity between the Urls can be checked through the curve graph. The bonus of the system is that the preferred option of the matching rate is accompanied by an automatic assistance. It is specifically a support to pass each step of migration. Now it will be necessary to validate the pre-selected connections. The tool will systematically finish redirecting the URLs in the traffic without missing any. The graph that shows that all the URLs are taken into account is generated by the system for a good follow-up. The circle graph is presented as you go along to allow you to follow the progress of the migration. This graph, represents here, in a way the report of the progress in the referencing process. It is therefore easier, faster and clearer to do the migration with the SEO tool.