Covid-19 vaccine procurement: how is Africa faring?

Designed to prevent humans from the Covid-19 pandemic, various vaccines have been acquired by several African nations. What can we learn from these campaigns on the continent? What challenges are they facing? The rest of this article will edify more on this important topic.

A brief review of Africa

87,000 deaths and 3 million 400 thousand cases of infection are the current death toll for Africa. These figures could rise to 100,000 deaths out of 3 million 600 million confirmed cases with a second wave looming on the horizon. Morocco, Guinea, Egypt, Mauritius and the Seychelles were the first countries to start vaccination campaigns. Mali, Senegal and South Africa have followed suit. Supervised by Mr. Macky Sall, Head of State, 2 billion 200 million CFA francs have been allocated for the acquisition of a total of 200,000 doses of the vaccine. In short, a sum of between 5 billion 800 million euros and 8 billion 200 million euros are intended to cover a campaign to vaccinate 1 billion 300 million Africans.

Some situations that are holding back vaccination campaigns on the continent

In Tunisia after the injection of the “Sputnik Vaccine” effects were observed in 81 of the health workers. A climate of distrust is being created with doubts among the population about vaccines. This situation is further exacerbated by the fact that 2400 doses of “fake vaccines” were recently intercepted on the continent. There are rumours that the vaccines will have serious health consequences and are the result of collusion between the UN, Westerners and Asian powers to slow down the population growth of the dark continent. The variant of the virus may be a cause of the various reactions after the injection, only awareness raising can help convince some Africans and especially the illiterate.