3 key steps to properly reference your website

In order for a website to reach the top of the results on the Internet, it must meet specific criteria. It must be well designed, well coded, in short enjoy an excellent free and natural referencing. If you want your web page to be well referenced, here are 3 key steps that you must follow. 

Step 1: Search for a keyword 

All the professionals will tell you that keyword research is the basis of free SEO. It is the first step if you really want to attract more customers and gain more notoriety 
You must know that without keywords, the Internet users will not be able to find your site. Get assistance from a seo agency or a seo consultant if you want to learn more in your research. 

Step n°2 : Use long tail keywords 

The multitude of websites makes the competition on keywords harder in some cities. It becomes difficult to rank on generic keywords that generate more visits. For a better free referencing, opt instead for more targeted keywords on which are at least 4 words. To achieve this complex task, you’d better be accompanied by a seo agency.

Step 3: Create effective H1 titles and subtitles 

H1 headings are usually used to give the subject of the page. For your article to benefit from free and natural SEO, the main keyword must be included in the H1 title. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to gain efficiency on search engines. Do not hesitate to use the services of a seo agency if you feel that you can not do it alone.
But the writing of the H1 title may seem complex, because it meets very specific criteria. So make sure you respect them lest you don’t enjoy a good free SEO. If you can’t do it on your own, hire a seo consultant