The criteria of reliability of a website

With the great innovation of the twenty-first century, websites have become essential to many sectors of activity. From personal blogs to e-commerce sites, websites are invading the world. However, the existence of a large number of these sites makes it difficult to identify reliable ones. We invite you to read this article to discover the criteria of reliability of a website.

The author of the site

One of the first important criteria to judge the reliability of a website is the author of the site. You must find out who is the author or author of the content you are going to consult. You can have additional hints about the authors by browsing the “About” section of the site. If you can’t clearly identify who is responsible for the site, beware. Serious and reliable sites usually give enough information about the authors. You should also check whether the various articles published on the site are signed by the authors or under pseudonyms. This is obviously not a factor that can always criminalize the site, but it is better to be cautious with sites that are stingy with information about the authors.

The relevance and originality of the content

In addition to the author, the relevance and originality of the content are factors not to be neglected when judging the reliability of a website. Indeed, you must make sure that the information published on the website is in perfect harmony with the universal information. This implies that you will have to consult other sources to judge the veracity of the information transmitted by the website. The timeliness of the content should not be neglected either. True information is good. But, it is even better when it is recent. To do this, check the update dates of the website’s articles before you rely on the information it shares. You need to make sure that the information is not too old and that it has not been compromised by more recent research.